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Bringing the Real to Business Consulting

Who is Todd Speciale?

Maybe it’s from rising from nothing, or the motivation to make his father proud, or giving his daughters the life every father dreams of, but Todd Speciale walks a little more sure and presents a little stronger than most.

Todd Speciale is recognized as a motivational guru, along with being an integrity-based authentic leader promoting real change.

He’s the CEO and Founder of Make Sales Great Again, which teaches business, sales, and leadership to the masses including CEO’s of major Fortune 500 companies.

Speciale was and still is, sick of good people being taken advantage of by fake so-called leaders, coaches, and mentors not providing the value they’re charging people for. So he decided to create a business that took his love for mentor-ship and success to a more service-based, entrepreneurial space.

He envisioned, programs to give direction, accountability, and moreover, a chance to achieve when so few real chances and mentor-ship programs exist.

His podcast, Gut Check Uncut, shot to the top of the charts instantly!

He has spoken on stages with names like Ashton Kutcher, Jack Canfield, Danelle Delgado, Tai Lopez, Tom Bilyeu, Jason Sisneros, Sean Whalen, Les Brown, Hank Steinbrenner, and many more.

Todd speaks truth into the hearts and souls of those who might question their worth and he lights the stage of fire with god-given energy that keeps you captivated, along with raw honesty. He elevates the spirits through pure intention to develop the minds of those willing to grow.

Who is Brandon Biskie?

If you’re looking for the rags to riches story, keep looking. But you also won’t find a “Silver Spoon”. What you will find is a badass dude with over a decade of sales experience hidden beneath the shell of who would come to be known as, “The Accountant”.

Brandon, a native of Orlando, Florida, catapulted into the sales world shortly after studying Finance at the University of Central Florida. Fast forward to 2021, he’s managed to juggle raising a family with his high school sweetheart and helping to build and manage record-breaking sales teams across industries like automotive, healthcare IT, timeshare, insurance, roofing, solar and more.

As the Co-Owner of Makes Sales Great Again with Todd Speciale, he continues to use his experience, knowledge, and ball-breaking personality to help companies around the world burst into new markets, build infrastructure, and most notably help increase sales more X’s than Grant Cardone.

He uses his “A Beautiful Mind” level analytics, in combination with a fun, comedic, no bullshit, in-your-face tell it how it is an attitude to break the mold of your average business and sales consultant. These attributes matched with a true passion for watching people win and actually giving a shit about the successes of the people he has the honor of working with is what sets him apart from the rest.

Brandon, alongside friend and brother, Todd Speciale, is also the Co-Host of “Gut Check Uncut Podcast” where they interview industry leaders around the world for a real, raw conversation, about the trials and tribulations of top leaders who have experienced building multi-million-dollar businesses and brands.